If you needed to convert an English text to Arabic, as it is typed not transulated, or you simply cannot read franco then this software is for you, four main shortcuts for you to remember, and you are good to go:

You need to highlight the text you want to process first

  • Ctrl + F1 From English to Arabic
  • Ctrl + F2 From Arabic to English
  • Ctrl + F3 From Franco to Arabic
  • Ctrl + F4 Syntax Correction (just like in MS Word, but not related to it).

Download from here, only 1.5 MB 

Important note

P.S: Some Antivirus programs consider it as a Trojan,I emailed the programmer a few days ago and he confirmed to me that it is a false detection, so add it to the exceptions list of your anti virus, and you are good to go.

There is a simpler portable tool for Franco-Arabic conversion called Franco-Arabic Translator can be downloaded from here