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A new corner to this blog: Game of the week.

We visit a free / open source game you didn’t know existed, and we give you the download link to it !!

Today’s game is a twist on the Mario cart series , Tux cart 0.8Tux is Linux’s mascot and he can be found in many open source games , this racer features him and many other mascots from softwares and operating systems !


the game is really fun , it’s professionally built and it has many aspects to be admired , unlike some other free games who lack this direction , it has a sweet sound track and a add-on feature allowing you to download extra tracks and other fun things

License : Free – Open source

Size : 141 MB

Os: Windows (XP – 7 – 8)

You can download it from here, click for the download to start.

Check out the awesome gameplay video

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