If you installed the amazing Gimp 2.8 and enjoyed working on it as much as I did, you would be interested in reading this!

The issue

Gimp 2.8 crashes, loads for a split second and then vanishes, even if you view the process in task manager, you will see it for a split second and then it goes out..

Tested Os: Windows XP SP3 MS Office 2003 Professional, Gimp 2.8 RC1


What is causing this?

The Reason for this is Office 2003, apparently there is a font issue that is causing this bug, and it’s yet to be fixed (at the point of the post), so if you are a die-hard gimp fan you will be forced to make a choice between the two.

Tip: You can use Open Office, almost as good, absolutely free of charge.

As soon you uninstall the Office 2003 suit and reinstall gimp 2.8, it will work normally.

And That is it..

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Have a wonderful day.

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