Hey guys
After confirming that there wasn’t an executor coming for Linux, I was bummed 🙁

Luckily Linux has a lot more to offer, here are my top alternatives of executor on Linux:

1. Launchy

A popular launch app. I even used it on windows for a while. It was my first serious app. I didn’t like it due to index issues. It took over 100 MB of ram to index the drive!

Website (Windows – Linux)

2. Synapse

One of the best simply! It can replace Executor for you with ease. I had one bug with it. It displayed file and folder history alongside the results. To me that was not good! 3:)

Website (Linux only)

3. Gnome Do.

I tried it for a while. I wasn’t really impressed, I mean it has some big shoes to fill.

Website (Linux only)

4. Unity Dash

Simple. Shipped with Ubuntu by default. has some nice features. It searches the internet as well the local sources. But me suing Xubuntu ..

Linux only Wikipedia

5. Kupfer

Which happens to be my personal favorite) I think it’s the best. It works almost the same. And with some knowledge you will be able to make your own keywords.

It’s fast, light weight, and customizable.

Website (Linux only)

These were my picks. I’d love to hear what you think about keystroke launchers. What are your favorites?

Comment below and let the knowledge flow 😀