HP 1005 not printing paper stuck fixed

HP 1005 not printing paper stuck fixed

While working for IT, I come across some technical problems that simply make me wanna blog!
There was this old HP printer sitting on a shelve at the department I worked for, and while fixing other major downtime issues, the head of the department asked me to look at it: “I know you are busy, but could you look at this printer when you have some time to spare? It stopped printing and we already ordered another one, but it wouldn’t hurt if you fixed it so we could have another one to spare?”.

I wasn’t going to turn the request down.


Problem description 


I plugged the printer to the main PC at the department (running Windows 7 professional) and the printer was recognized by the computer, took the printing command. And made that printing noise, but nothing was coming out! The paper was jammed!

I did some research on the HP forums, but couldn’t get a single piece of information regarding the issue, and I wasn’t going to sign-up for the form and post the issue (it’s a 10 year old printer!) so I let it go at that point.

The actual fix 


One day I was feeling bored and decided to give it a go.

I took the printer and removed the ink cartridge and inspected it for physical damage, nothing was broken or dislocated, so I decided to clean it up since it had gunk inside it, mainly dried up ink that fell from a broken ink cartridge.

I used some alcohol and a cloth to clean the ink, then decided to lubricate all the moving parts and wheels with some alcohol (since the alcohol evaporates and won’t mess things up).