I have been using mind mapping software for a very long time .I tried various solutions, but I’ve settled with Xmind.

I chose Xmind because it’s stable and free. Also the interface is beautiful, and it’s supported and receives updates from time to time.

Unlike freemind for example, who the support has stopped since ages! According to alternativeto, the last supported version was launched back in 2014, and the unstable version was launched in 2016.

Why now?

I haven’t used Xmind for a while and decided to do so. I want a lightweight and resource friendly. That’s why I was looking into Xmind again.

Is Xmind free?

It depends on the file you download, and the person you ask. If you ask alternativeto they’ll tell you that’s all in the license agreement. I think that it s

What happened with Xmind 2020?

I’ve read in the same source (alternativeto) that it cannot be found on the website (and online in general) and here is where I thrive. I remembered that I have downloaded that software years ago, and  I have a copy of it on my hard-drive.

So I’ve decided to copy this on my laptop, then upload it to my mediafire account, for you dear reader to download it.

Download link

You can download the Xmind 2020 version from this link.

Please keep in mind that this is a windows version only, this package that I have uploaded is not cross-platform. I currently don’t have the Linux or Mac version of the sa3a

I only have the windows version (and I will probably end up installing it on my windows partition).

Final words

The purpose from starting this blog was helping people with my knowledge and expertise. A moment like this is my moment to shine.

What abut you dear reader: Do you use mind mapping software? Do you like this one? And do you wish to see more rare softs on this blog in the near future?

Please let me know in the comments below what do you think? And I’ll see you in the next post .