Hello There and Welcome to a new tech tip, this time we will be addressing Deep Freeze 7.0 and how to fix the icon not showing in the Notification Area, and the solution is not related to the Notification Area at all.

OS Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit, Faronics Deep Freeze 7.0

First of all take a deep breath and don’t panic, it’s really easy!!


  • Navigate to C:Program filesFaronicsDeep Freeze Standard (not sure of the last folder name..
  • Check for the folder -$DF, if it’s there, we are almost done, if not copy it from another machine.
  • Double click the frzstate2k.exe, the icon should jump to your Notification Area.


Important notes

This problem happened to me when my Anti-virus interrupted my installation of the software, so the folder was not copied, and I had no control over Deep freeze.

I must add that it does not fix the frozen partition problem, as far as I know of course.

It worked with me, I hope it works for you, please try it and tell me.

Have a wonderful day.