No to crack

Hey guys, how are you doing?

I decided to be more consistent with my blog! I will be posting weekly at least~!
So this week. I need to address the topic of cracked software.
I know how  corny the title is. It’s an intended pun .. !
And when I say cracked software I mean every aspect of software piracy ( and any kind of piracy as well)
There are some things you need to know about these softwares:

1. Nothing is for free

Do you think that some people are kind enough to buy a software, go into the trouble of hacking it, then post it online for free? Wow! They are so noble and selfless, the robin hood of digital age ..
The price of this so called free software is you downloading a black box. It could contain a virus ( if you are lucky) or a keylogger to record your every keystroke. Including password and credit card information.
Or simply they hack your computer and black mail you with whatever they have ..

2. It’s illegal

These softwares so called free are protected by copyright law. And the violation of these laws can lead to major consequences!! Huge fines and serious jail time included!!

You might think that these softwares are free and full as the links suggest! But you are sadly mistaken!

3. Software isn’t free .. 

Windows costs around 250$, Office costs around 200$ And Photoshop costs around 700$. So cracking these would mean stealing them from the companies who made them!
Making software is a rigorous process that consumes time and effort, And a lot of money!  The least thing you can do is pay for the software.

4. You get no updates. No support what so ever ..

Everyone knows that if you “crack” a software you need to disable the update feature. Or else the company will disable the software, block the IP. and in some extreme cases burn the computer into pieces!!

No such thing as “Knock off software”

It’s really hard for some third world folks to understand what it means to pay for software. They think the cost is in the hardware. And any software can be downloaded free of the internet. Or purchased through pirated CDs or so called “knock off” software!!
It’s disgusting how people are selling these for really cheap prices. And people don’t have a clue!
They think it’s a wondrous thing that they can buy all of photoshop editions for 5$
Sad thing is these are sold in whole sale by people who have no idea what are they selling!!
My next piece will be for those who can’t afford to buy software. And feel bad for using “Knock off” software.
Please share your thoughts with me. And hold on for the next post ..