Hey you guys, How are you today? How are things?
Today I am not talking about a software or a problem like I usually do. Today I’m talking about a book.



Who is Matthew Kremer?

I met this great guy online @Matthewkremer and he is just awesome!
He is a programmer with a heart warming success story. Has a site and a podcast. While doing his daily job and a side business! Let alone taking care of his family!
So I urge you to check his website. He writes down his experiences in life, programming, work and the daily challenges he faces. Which brings us to his book.
His book: Building software products in a weekend. It can’t be done you say? Well he wrote it in a weekend so.. Yeah!

How much does the book cost?

The e-book is free! And for the value that is a ripoff! It’s worth a lot. And if I ever went teaching I’ll use his book in the class room. It’s just that good! You will never learn stuff like that in school! (And I’m a college graduate. I know what I’m talking about!)

How to get the book?

So go to Matt’s website. Join the mailing list and get your copy of this amazing book!
I give it a five star rating. It’s truly amazing! You will enjoy reading it and re-reading it many many times!

Edit: The website no longer exists. You can download it from here.


I don’t usually do this! Maybe it becomes a thing!
So let me know what you think of the book!
I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me hear your comments below!
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