Hey guys 🙂

It’s been ages since I posted anything about GIMP!! Not that I don’t like it or don’t use it anymore. It’s just I’ve been busy exploring other things while working with Gimp often.

I had gimp installed by default when I got Xubuntu 14.04 LTS. And to my greatest pleasure it is automatically updated. So I didn’t check the new versions for a while.

When I started reviewing some web design material. I had to have the Gimp on Windows too (For comfort 😛 ) and so I downloaded the latest version from Filehippo.com t. And to my disappointment. It didn’t work ..

I double clicked and it didn’t progress pass the language selection option. It stopped responding many times.

I went to the official website and downloaded it via a bit-torrent client. Nothing ..

It did the same thing, no matter what I did it froze on the language selection and I had to end it from the task manager.

It was a bummer .. I downloaded it twice. Fiddled with many windows settings like:
Running as administrator.
Trying the compatibility options with every prior version of Windows.
I even installed the latest GTK library and Python ( Didn’t work).

And the funny thing no one reported that problem. I Googled all around. Nothing!!

When I installed it on a another Windows 8 computer. It went smooth!

Maybe the problem is with something in Windows 8.1?

What did I do to fix it?


I ran the installer. And let it running. After a few minutes it resumed installing like nothing happened.

I even uninstalled GTK and Python. And it didn’t affect how Gimp worked!

So here you have it. Be patient! It’s a Gimprtue !! Play on virtue!

That was today’s post. Please tell me if worked for you! And did it happen with you?

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