How to Prevent RSI on Linux and Windows

How to Prevent RSI on Linux and Windows

Hi guys 😀
This post is really important for office workers. Programmers. Bloggers. Not gamers! Gamers would hate me forever for suggesting something like that!!

Sitting at the computer for prolonged hours is not good for you. It’s related to many back and neck pains, wrists too! And don’t forget the eyes now!
There are ways to prevent these pains. You need to get up every ten minutes or so. And move a little bit. But who will remind you of that? And who has the time for that really?

There are tools that remind you to get up and move! And that’s where my tip comes to play!

But the Internet is so tempting! I’m really focused here! I keep forgetting to get up

There are softwares for that you know!