Hi guys 😀
This post is really important for office workers. Programmers. Bloggers. Not gamers! Gamers would hate me forever for suggesting something like that!!

Sitting at the computer for prolonged hours is not good for you. It’s related to many back and neck pains, wrists too! And don’t forget the eyes now!
There are ways to prevent these pains. You need to get up every ten minutes or so. And move a little bit. But who will remind you of that? And who has the time for that really?

There are tools that remind you to get up and move! And that’s where my tip comes to play!

But the Internet is so tempting! I’m really focused here! I keep forgetting to get up

There are softwares for that you know!

These softwares will remind you to wake up, stretch and flex! So you comeback to your computer refreshed!

You must visit a doctor if symptoms arise. These are prevention measures only and CANNOT subtitle a doctor’s visit!!

Now that we understood the whole deal. Let’s look at the software. One for Linux and one for Windows.

On Linux there were two choices available in Ubuntu Software Center, I went with RSIBreak. It worked better with Xfe. And the settings were much clear to me. It provides two intervals by default. The small on is 10 minutes of work with 20 seconds of brake. And the big one with 60 minutes of work and one minute of break counting idle times!

It’s really neat. And you must have it! It’s originally a Kde app but it will work fine on Ubuntu.

It’s the best I found so far. If I found anything easier I’ll update this post!

Download from the Ubuntu Software Center, RSIBreak.

RSIBreak working on KDE

As for Windows, my favorite has been always Rest brake. It’s a light software that does what it says. Just set the timer and wait for the alarm, you can customize the message of course!

RestBreak Screenshot on Windows

RestBreak download link  Size: 1.2 MB

I don’t have a mac. And I only post about the stuff I test. If you have a good software send it and I’ll post it with credits.

I hope you find these useful. And please share them with your friends and family.

How long do you stay on the computer? Do you have any specific pains? Please comment below and let me hear what you have to say!

P.S: I couldn’t find anything for Android. Sorry 🙁

And didn’t even look for Symbain!!

Useful resources:

Wikipeda, as always!

Restbreak’s site. Very informative!

Rsi.Uni Got me through college!!