Hello there everyone! How are you keeping?
I’m thinking of changing my Smartphone. I like the Be-Elite feature set but it’s not what I am looking for at the moment! 

  Being said the Be-Elite is big and bulky. The 5 inch screen makes it a
What kind of smartphone should I buy?hassle to carry around. Adding a pouch turns it into a tablet! (Just kidding!) and the lack of updates is a total turnoff to me!
To someone else it could be the affordable overkill phone they dreamed of for so long!
I’m selling it and investing the money in a new phone! (If you are interested drop my a line!)
I need your help! The Smartphone I want has to have the following features:

  1. Dual Sim.
  2. Significant battery life.
  3. Upgradeable OS.
  4. Not too big or bulky!
  5. Durable (Can withstand a drop or two!).
  6. Responsive touch!
  7. Must have VoIP!
  • I guess that rules out Apple because they don’t have any dual-SIM phones. At all! Maybe that’s a feature to add to the new iPhone 7!
  • The Android market is over flowing with devices from various manufactures (In fact a little bit too much!)
  • Windows phone looks very interesting!
  • And while being a QWERTY lover I wouldn’t consider a BlackBerry because of the price tag at first! And because of it not having support for anything (IMO).
  • I don’t like Samsung’s Touch-Wiz interface. And I don’t feel like buying a device and rooting it on the first day to look like Android again!!

Sigh! This is a bad time to buy a smart phone! So many choices and everyone is claiming that they have the best phone! (Fanboys..)
I’ll be waiting for your comments! Please leave a kind one below!
Have a lovely day!