Anyone how decides to pursue a career in graphic design is faced with an obstacle! Many courses don’t teach graphic design! They teach adobe products!

They don’t teach you how to design a logo, they teach you In design. Or how to edit a picture, they teach you PhotoShop!

You become an Adobe customer

Over time you are used to the adobe Eco-system and so consumed into it you can’t stand seeing anything else, or worse! Anything not done the “adobe way”!

The tools need to be sorted like this, the monitor must flicker in that pattern. And the worst in my opinion are mac designers as they don’t accept change at all!

I’m not running from door to door trying to convert people to open source! I just want to do my daily job (Using open source please!) The problem is that the designers don’t accept to tolerate anything done differently! And open source is different!

It’s not like PhotoShop! No one said that! Gimp is a separate package that does the same things differently and possibly better!

Gimp Logo

Inkscape is not like Indesign and it shouldn’t be. It’s a different software doing the same task.

Inkscape Logo

Why do they care if the output is the right size and format? Ready for printing without a glitch?

What gets on my nerves is that most of these judgmental people O have to deal with use cracked software! I don’t think they saw an Adobe Photoshop label before or ever saw across the registry process being done!

Imagine someone working for 10-15 years with a cracked software without guilt or remorse, then without a spec of shame looks down on open source software!

Respect FOSS please!!