Android has taken the world by storm, it over sold each and every system out there! Killed Symbian, out sold iOS and buried Windows phone. So why the hate?

It’s Linux at core. And as a Linux lover I should be all for Android, shouldn’t I?

Well there are some things I can’t stand about Android

The way its put on cheaper models

You know those horrible Chinese phones that cost less than 50$ with unresponsive touch screens that get hot and sticky when you use them? All of those run Android!

No updates by manufactures

It’s well known that you can’t have all the updates for a phone. But getting one or two would be nice. When tour device has no updates it becomes vulnerable to threats. When was the last time you got an update? Did it make things better? I don’t think so!

Too many Android versions to choose from

There are phones running Jelly bean. Others have Kitkat. While others are stuck with Ginger bread! And some have Ice cream sandwich.

There is lollipop too. Each have multiple versions, almost impossible to choose from.

Prone to malware

In case you missed it, Android has become a popular destination for hackers and viruses, many apps you download illegally (side loading) are swarming with bugs aimed at your personal data!

Too many apps There are millions of apps and games. Who had the time to download and try each and every soft and make a review, many of them are loaded with bloatware and malware! And many others don’t even work! And there are too many app stores to begin with!

Crashes too often

Installed an app, Crashes.

Opened the file manager. Crashes.

Opened a game, Crashes! Too many crashes makes Android impossible to use! Gets slow and heavy in a while

Even if you are running the latest version with high end hardware, it’s going to be a hassle in a year or so, you either fix it or dump it and get a new one!


Have you tried Android on Samsung? You must came to terms with the TouchWiz UI (ugliest of them all imo), the minute you pickup and HTC or an Experia you will feel lost!

The buttons aren’t where they are supposed to! The interface is a mess! For a single code base it couldn’t be more different! Every company has a different twist on Android and that made things awkward!

These are the reasons I could think of! Android started as a beautiful concept but soon drifted away into a beast! Let’s hope version 6.0 brings improvements to performance and overall user experience.