FOSS stands for free and open source software. Many people tend to have a negative attitude towards FOSS, always criticizing it and doubting it’s ability to fill in for propriety software. 

Let alone to replace it or to operate as competition!

The Free Software Foundation logo

We don’t use opensource because it’s free! The fact is: FOSS gives everyone an equal chance to use it’s software!
It’s sad to see some companies who make the software and call it industry standard. And it’s users attack you for using other free / open source solution!
There is an important fact they forgot! As long as the software gets the job done with no problems. People are going to use it!

Commercial software

Products like Microsoft Office and Photo Shop are fantastic! I respect the effort put into them and they are worth the price tag slapped on them, and there are amazing open source tools that are available free of charge for the public that deserve a break!
Everyone should be able to make sensible choices based on their needs and capabilities. Regardless if it’s a free choice or an paid choice.
And to those hackers who download illegal software and troll on open source users and people who support software by buying it, shame on you!!!

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