Anywhere I go. People are staring into smartphones, even while driving yes! And I’ve avoided that idiot barley!

People are interacting less, staring more. Many more apps appear daily. I’m known for an Anti-Facebook attitude but it seems that there are other sites that suck people to that dark hole.

I’m writing this on a smartphone, so I am contradicting myself?

Is the Internet rewiring our brains?


I think it did already!

There are some people who don’t bother remembering things anymore as Google remembers everything now days.

People always wondering if there is “an app for that”! I’m sure toy have this friend on every social platform but barley meet?
You get upset when the Internet is down more than anything?
I see many people taking pictures of everything and anything! They stopped living the moment and began looking to the world through the smartphone!

“Phones are smart, but people are getting dumber” – Unknown

In the 90s it was an impossible dream to provide individual monitors for everyone. Let alone a computer. If you see any sci-fi movie from the late eighties you will see a smartphone like device. Probably that’s the S10 or 10S (depending on your smartphone fandom).

What I am saying it. Unplug and live the now. Don’t take pictures. Look with your eyes, don’t text, talk!

Thanks for reading this. Stay safe!

Do you think this is true? What do you think should be done? Let me know what you think in the comments section below 🙂