It’s been a while since I posted one of these posts, so I decided to leave them for the special occasions, this happens to be one of them!

I have reached 45 Thousand views on my blog, which is a really good place to be, and a good progress since the last milestone of 40K. Meaning I got 5 thousand views in less than two months, not bad at all!

I have been busy working on myself and keeping myself busy with many projects, it’s a time of change, and I have to be at my best.

I got the chance to experiment with many great applications and ideas I’ll be posting about throughout the winter, many fall within my passion subjects, Linux and open source.

I noticed I grew as a blogger and I am making consistent effort to grow and improve each day, and I hope you can see that in my posts and style of writing.

I still believe that the sky is the limit and I hope to grow even more as a blogger and help more people while learning and having fun doing what I love.

Until the next stop of 50K, have a good day, and keep visiting my blog!