WhatsApp is changing it’s payment policy to become totally free, before the first year was free and you had to pay 0.99 cents each year, but that is long history now!

In a recent blog post, the company addressed the current payment plan, they admitted the plan wasn’t going well, as many users didn’t have credit cards or debut cards (I for one don’t have one of those), and those people were wondering if they were going to lose service after the first year. This lead to the change we all witnessed, WhatsApp is free now!

You might be wondering, and it’s a very legitimate question, how is WhatsApp going to pay for it’s services?

It’s not going to be paid by ads, it’s paid by “testing tools” for communicating with organizations and companies, so in another way WhatsApp now is a beta and you are the tester!

It’s not bad, my concern is the privacy policy as it’s owned by Facebook, if you want a truly secure messenger, there is Telegram.

I think a head to head post is due between Telegram and WhatsApp.

Until then, how do you feel about WhatsApp becoming free?