Many of us dream to learn a new language but never actually do anything to do that! We are to busy

to take a course after work or simply won’t pay the cost for a course. Well today’s app has got you covered!

Let’s take a look at: Duolingo

Duolingo's opening screen

Duolingo is an application that helps you learn another language for free, forever, in a fun and addictive way that’s similar to a video game!

Learning on your Smartphone Who doesn’t have a Smartphone now days? Everyone has at least one and they stare at them all the time! So why not stare at an application that will help you learn a new language in an easy fun way? It’s better than checking Facebook or Twitter every 20 seconds! All you need is a good Internet connection and you are good to go! (There are some lessons don’t require an Internet connection, it is needed to keep track of progress and score.)

Duoligo's logo

Who uses Duolingo?

The app is cross platform and is available to Android, Apple iOS and Windows phone. There is also a web version so you can learn on the go and from anywhere! You can even use it in the class room for your students if you are a teacher, free of charge!
It is used by 120 million people around the world to use all sorts of languages, why don’t you join the ranks too?

Available languages

all you have to do is to download a version for your device, sign-up

with your e-mail and you are set.

Choose your native language

and see what languages are available for you!

Duolingo course list for English speakers

This list is for the English speakers, it scrolls down as it offers

many options, other languages don’t have as much options as Duolingo uses statistics to provide each region with the courses on demand, and I haven’t found any course for the native Arabic speaker on Duolingo’s version for Windows phone, but I found a course on the website aimed at native Arabic speakers who migrated to Sweden. 

Tracking progress

Set the number of experience

points you need to earn daily so Duolingo helps you keep track of your daily goal, you can set those from the settings, anywhere from 10 (casual) to 50 (insane).

Duolingo's settings
 You can also control getting daily reminders (I highly recommend yo keep those ON).

How does it work?

  • Duolingo

uses colors and sounds to make learning easy and fun and more game-like, by using a scoring system, ranking and rewards, similar to elements found in video games, and that’s where the name Gamification comes from.

  • The language
  • learning itself is based of quizzes and games that aims to teach you the language you plan on learning.

    One of Duolingo's exercises

    • This exercise i

    s very simple, you listen the word by touching the speaker icon, then choose the correct words from the choices below, each correct answer fills up the bar to the right, and a wrong answer takes a try (a heart) and when you run out of hearts, you repeat the lesson all over again! There are many other exercises and I’ll leave those for you to discover!


    Duolingo is a fun app that helps you jump start your language learning and have fun doing it, I don’t think it can replace the full learning experience or taking courses, but it’s a start!

    Will you download Duolingo? What is the language you always wanted to learn? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.