It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post! So here is an update!

Ramadan productivity

Well I’ve said before Ramadan that I won’t be posting as much and will try to avoid the Internet all together (I love these promises that I always fail to keep!), so I’ve decided to write a quick update to my readers!

It’s the final week of Ramadan, despite the liquidity crisis and inflation people are preparing for “Eid elfitr” (the holiday of breaking the fasting), the streets are packed at night, but in the morning it’s empty as a Libyan bank safe (pun intended).
Sleep cycle is a mess

To be honest I’m not getting much done, I’m too tired in the day and too full at night, and since I have to work this Ramadan, I am staying up all night to make it at 9:00 to work- I stay up all night to make use of it to eat and drink-.

And today happens to be the longest day of the year, how lovely!

And to make matters worse, I have to adjust my sleep patterns because I’m coming back to work the week after Ramadan, the same old schedule.
I’m popular in Germany! Sort of!

Mrs. Gutche has translated yet another one of my posts to German, and this time it trended in Germany! The picture below is of a German news site that shows the trending stories in the last 24 hours. The post can be found here. At least I’m relevant somewhere!

Who is Mrs. Angelika Gutsche? And why is she translating posts from my blog to German? I’ll leave the answer to these questions in a future post! I think it’s going to be a good story for you guys!

A screenshot from a popular German news site.

Bad call on the blog

I’ve decided to send automatic messages to followers on Twitter, not the best of judgment, now I have a box full of spam, and someone is leaving spam comments on my blog constantly (chances are it’s a bot), and the stats haven’t increased as much as I expected, but I guess it’s too early to judge such a move.

A sample of the spam I’m getting

In case the person who is spamming me is reading this, at least make your comments relevant to the posts you are commenting on..

Final words

I wish that this Eid would be a peaceful one, that we could find joy and peace rather war and fear. I wish for these dark days to end, this war and this situation has gone long enough. I’ve grown tired of writing about it and talking about it, and my ability to change this situation is very limited.

Have you tried sending auto messages? Did it backfire on you? How is your sleeping? I’d like to know that so please leave a comment. And have a nice day!