Knightmare is a game made by Konami in 1985 for the MSX computer system that reached legendary status and has a cult following. In the year of 2015 a remake was made after two years of hard work. 
Main title of the game

Story of the game

It follows a cliche of a princess kidnapped by 8 demons and a hero must rescue her in a top down shooter style. You collect power ups and have a choice of several weapons to choose from in order to beat the 8 levels of the game. 
The main cover of the game


Cheats for Knightmare remake

From the main menu of the game, if you write DEMON, you will start with 9 lives

Also, from the main menu, if you write STAGEX (where X is the number of the stage) you will start from this stage (remember there are 8 stages)

DEMON                                               9 Lives

STAGE2                                               Start at stage.







P.S: The cheats have to be in all CAPS. 

Important notice about the cheats

Sadly the level select doesn’t work on the standard version of the game, only the golden version so I uploaded it and it’s available for download. It was discontinued by the developers because it’s sold in a physical disk format in a very limited form. It’s worth mentioning that the package contains some original artwork as well.
However it was available for free before that and versions can be found online if you know what you are looking for. I’ve uploaded a version here.

Knightmare gold 

Even tho the gameplay is similar it has some minor differences, you get a choice of 4 characters to play with including a penguin (I wonder why?). 


This link downloads the standard version.

This link downloads the Gold version.

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