Bad days. You’re gonna have those. No, I’m not talking about Wednesdays. I already blogged about those. in three languages. Arabic, English and it got translated to German too. So check them out.

The inevitable

You are going to have bad days. There is no tip-toeing around the fact or beating around the bush for that matter. Life consists of a collection of good days and not so good days.

Days are when you feel like everything is going against your way. That you’re just making mistakes and Screwing things up.

Bad days will make you doubt yourself. And want to crawl in your bed and never leave again. But guess what: Everyone has those moments.

Everyone doubts themselves and feels insecure on the inside. So you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself for having a bad day. Try to look on the positive side. No matter where or how small is the positive.

Why do we need bad days?

Bad days contrast good days. If we didn’t have bad days, we wouldn’t appreciate the good days.

It is in bad days we pray harder, wish for the good days and reminisce about the good days we have before to keep us going.

And in a way, that’s good.

Learn to harness the power of bad days

As a part of the great picture that makes your life. Greater. You can’t crop out or filter the bad days out. But the progress that you made will continue regardless of how you felt about that day.

It’s only when you look down a look back and see the progress you made is when you appreciate the power of muddling through the good and the bad days. That’s why you need bad days.

And in a way this is a post to look for the positive in the bad days. I’m not saying that I’m having bad days but I’m also saying that they’re not the best. What’s the best day?