When was the last time that I published a post in English?
Too long, as it seems.

However I do not think that anyone was anxiously waiting for an English post to drop. Since I have transitioned to a full-time Arabic blogger – and with Arabic being my native tongue -. It made all the sense in the world to abandon blogging in English entirely. Especially when writing in English in an Arabic speaking country was met with a lot of push back.

But from time to time, I yearned to writing in English. I have written some compelling pieces in English in the past, and I am sure more are to come if I look deep enough inside myself.

People change and morph in fascinating ways ( and I am no exception to that rule). And my blogging journey started so many years ago that I find it difficult to relate to what I was 10 plus years ago.

Why is this the 1st post of 2024?

Not to have sour grapes, or pounder on what could have been .. I will publish the odd post in English, just to scratch that itch. Or to maintain my established reputation as a bilingual blogger.

All jokes aside this is my way of saying that I have returned to publishing in English. So stay tuned to this dying medium to stay up to date with my ramblings.