Hey there you guys 😀

Good day to you.

Without any websites or third party freeware you can turn your photo into an obamicon hope using a script on Gimp 2.8

Easiest way available to date. And if you have anything easier then please! I’m just that lazy!!

The steps

  • First: paste it in the scripts directory of your gimp install, mine is:
    “C:Program FilesGIMP 2sharegimp2.0scripts”


  • Second: open gimp 2.8 and navigate to the menu Filter Artistic obama hope click and press OK in the window that pops up.

And that was it! pretty simple I cannot believe it myself, and it’s only 2 kb in size!!

Download the script from here. comment if you like and download. ^_^

Support from author can be found here..

P.S: there is a Guevara script (Same in install) but totally different. download here.