Hey guys, checkout this awesome little known software:

“This application simply reads the given directory and it’s sub directories, and produces .htm file basing on a given template. The result file can be used to print out the contents
of the folder, or as a sitemap of your website.

Note: this program can’t read your website online, it also doesn’t understand external URLs, like: https://muaad.com.ly//, it only reads and exports a folder.

Also, this application was created for myself, then I only added this help doc. and a few other things, and published. This means it is not very strongly tested, but it worked for me fine, so I assume it will work for you too.

So, there are two ways you can use this program: creating sitemaps (for websites) and simply getting a contents of a folder.”

Very handy for creating label disks or organizing huge collections of software for example