How to add downloaded packages to Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu 13.04

How to add downloaded packages to Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu 13.04

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There are several ways to install software in Ubuntu, some are easy like the Software Center, and are a bit advanced like Synaptic Package Manager, and you can download a DEB file form the Internet and install it (not recommended)..

But what happens when you want to transfer a lot of software to another computer, or install them on your freshly installed Ubuntu?

You can download them one by one of course :/ but you don’t want to do that, don’t you?
That’s why you are here 😉

My way is very simple and requires a little knowledge of your system.

  •  First copy the software you need from this directory on your computer:
  • Copy the ones you need or all of them if you like
  • Paste them in a folder in your system partition (Where Ubuntu is installed), like your home folder.
  • Now open Synaptic Package Manager and enter your administrator password.
  • When it loads up navigate to File Add downloaded packages
  • Browse to the folder Archives you just copied form the old computer
  • Wait for it to add the packages, and here you have them.
  • It will install the changes automatically (Batch install your packages). 

As easy as that 😀

And the sweet part is: If you previously backed up your computer and restored it after adding the packages you will restore the settings as well 😀

Here you have it 😀 I hope you find this useful  🙂
P.S: I tested it on Zorin OS 7, so it should work on Ubuntu 13.04 with no problem.
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