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It happens to all of us! Suddenly a HDD fails and wont boot or run. Is all that data gone?

Well, maybe not

Assuming you have a backup of your data. physical or via a cloud server. Because loss can happen anytime!

There are some things to try before throwing that HDD away!

Depending on the HDD type you can connect it to another computer. If it’s an external then you need a special connection.

The fault might be in the adapter of the HDD and changing it would resolve the problem!

This is an adapter that connects to the HDD

If it’s an old IDE HDD you need an IDE cable and of course a case computer to try it on. If you don’t have one or simply don’t feel like taking a dusty case apart then I recommend one of these:

these connections can connect the SATA / IDE to a USB interface. No need for a case computer there!


You have to be very careful when connecting these connections

connecting the wrong cable would burn the HDD. Even if it was running!

Happened with me and it was not pretty at all :'(

so to sum up. Try this trick when facing a HDD problem. And remember to always backup!

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