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I still use a Symbian phone to this day. Why you ask?

Knowing that Android has the biggest market share today. And that Symbian was put to rest by Nokia in 2011 in favor of Windows Phone. That all didn’t change my mind! Here are the reasons why I still use my Symbian phone:

It looks professional!

It’s kind of a shallow reason. But the look of a Symbian phone to me is professional to my eyes٫ do you agree with me?

E72 doesn’t look 10 years old. It’s screaming business and seriousness!!

It’s stable No annoying update messages for programs or OS. Smooth riding!! If you look at it that way of course.

Battery backup

No matter what you think, the battery life of Android is really bad. Even with tweaks and all. While Symbian has lower specs and consumes less power.

It feels like a phone!

Phones now days are growing larger and larger. And becoming less like a mobile phone and more like tablet, some of them doesn’t have a single button on it! While Symbian keeps it together. Better phone reception and more focus on the phone!

More efficient!

The apps you need. And nothing more! Being far behind means lack of support! No Distractions from Snapchat or Twitter! Less means more focus. More productivity. It’s another way to look at the restrictions of the Symbian phones. So if you have one. Get it out. Shake off the dust. And use it too disconnect a little from the noise of the digital world around you! How do you like this post? Do you still own a Symbain? Let me know what kind is it?

Physical QWERTY keyboards

To me really it comes down to QWERTY input. Which I admit I’m addicted to. It makes me much more productive. There aren’t many QWERTY phones anymore. That’s why I went for an E6-00 Have a nice day. Please give kudos. G+ and share with your circles.

This is an outdated post, I sold my Symbian phone a long time ago.