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How are you today. I hope you are doing great.

Today we are going to talk about

Apache OpenOffice. It’s been a while since we spoke about it!

I’ve used it for over five years and it has been nothing but good! Then I transitioned to LibreOffice. You can see all about it in here. If you are thinking like me you are probably wondering: Is there a learning curve for me? My answer is: Not at all!

They quite similar. You won’t have a problem at all. Everything you knew and liked in Apache OpenOffice you will find in LibreOffice plus much more!

You might ask: Why are we still mentioning Apache OpenOffice?

Well for a very simple reason! It has been around for much longer than LibreOffice. And many people still use it. After all it was downloaded over 100 million times!!

If you are out there and still using Apache OpenOffice. You might want to check the new LibreOffice. It’s simply the best!

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