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I have reviewed Rednotebook before here on this blog. As a great journal and note taking software.
I have been using it for years now and it hasn’t failed me once!

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Today we will see how to backup the journal folder (where you kept your notes) and restore it!
And how to share this awesome software across systems on the same computer (Dual Boot)

Since RedNoteBook has become an important tool of mine. I needed to backup and restore my notes in case something happened. I tried using the Zip folder but that failed badly and I lost tons of data!

Until I came up with a really easy fix!

By default the directory for rednotebook on Windows (7, 8 ,8.1) is:
“C:Users<User Name .rednotebook

And on Linux is: “/home/<User Name /.rednotebook/”.

From the main interface click File Open to change the directory to the one you created
First step in relocating the journal

Navigate to the folder where you put the “Rednotebook” folder (Restoring notes)

Second step in relocating the journal

Go inside the folder and choose “Data

Third step in relocating the journal

You will find the notes you already entered.

Final step in relocating the journal

Click OK and you are done! Make sure to do it on both systems and select the same folder for both systems. And it’s very important to choose a folder both Linux and Windows can “See”.
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