Today we are continuing with the “Is it time for you to quit Facebook” In part two we shed light on new aspects of the site. I hope you are ready. For those of you who just joined. I highly recommend you read the first part and take the challenge before coming here! So bookmark this page and comeback later. The rest of you, follow me.

We discussed in the first part many points regarding Facebook. Now in the second part we will look at Facebook from other angles.


These things are being done by Facebook


Killing social interaction

Have you ever sat in a public place and everyone was looking at their “smart phone” every 10 seconds. If you have, you aren’t alone.


Facebook has a billion users. At least half the room already have it. As you become more connected. You become more isolated!

Turning people into zombies

Are the people you know having trouble sleeping. Drinking coffee all the time? Easily agitated? Yet they are on-line all the time? Coincidence?

It’s Facebook because it’s the 1# site and it applies to any site you are addicted to.

Many people came to me and said I have a personal beef with Facebook.
And that I should target other sites as well. It could apply easily. But I’ve never seen anyone addicted to blogger for example!!

You read 5 pages of news feed. That’s 150 pages a month and 1800 pages a year!!!


If you read half of these in any topic you would earn a master’s degree! (Could be!) But instead you just scroll aimlessly trough this and that. Just liking stuff on the go. What did you gain? You aren’t even having fun!! You can do better with your life!

You are turning into this.. slowly

Scary isn’t it? This is the human of the year 3000. I think his ancestors were die-hard daily engaging post liking Facebook users!


It’s spying on you (goes as far as taking pictures of you!!).

I don’t have solid facts. But good friends swear of this, that Facebook on the phone accesses your personal pictures and uploads it somewhere. See the permissions of the app if you don’t believe me! It’s a fact that Facebook knows every open tab in the browser while you are logged in. Scary huh?

Facebook the home wrecker?

Yes! Why are you so surprised? Facebook has ruined many relationships and it’s continuing to do so as we speak. Read this piece and see how silly people can get when caught up in the Facebook drama



Last but not least. Do you even know how to delete your account?

Many of my friends don’t know how or where to go to delete the account. Some thought it was impossible. While it’s not. You have the right to at least do that.


After Facebook changed the TOS which you agree upon when you next sign-in. Your data will live there for a while after you delete the account. But eventually it will be deleted.
To make matters worse. Facebook violates Safe Harbor treaty, which made the EU warn it’s people of using Facebook!!


Final words

If you ever find yourself wondering or looking around for something worth posting on Facebook. Then you are in serious trouble. And I advice you to reconsider your choices. Visiting this site is a good first step. But there is a limit for my reach. You have to take the grand first step to breaking free of this digital prison.
What do you think of this post? Did you take the 24 hour challenge? How did it feel?
Please comment below and let me know 🙂