The reason why I didn’t use Sublime Text is really really simple, I thought it was commercial and cannot be used for free, read on to find out what changed my mind.. Build 3083These are the reasons that make Sublime text one of the best text editors out there

Lightning fast

Opens up in less in a second! Compared to “other” text editors I reviewed on this blog.

Great look

It turns your dull code into a work of art! It’s really easier to write code when the syntax is highlighted so you know what you are doing!


Sublime text interface

Rich language support

Many programming languages and scripts are supported (over 40 in total) and has the ability to write prose as well.

Steady development

Currently at Version 3 (beta) and moving forward. It’s been around long enough and it’s stable enough to be used by many developers.

There is also a final version of Sublime 2.0.2 but it lacks the functionality that v3 has

Cross platform

No matter what OS are you on. Sublime is there for you and has your back all the way!

Did you know that the license works on all of your machines? Linux Mac and Windows??

Light weight

Compared to other editors, it’s a breeze! It takes around 10-50 MB in the system memory in one process. That’s nothing compared to the resource hog Atom!

Nothing is too big for Sublime!

Can open huge files in less than a minute without haste! No crashing on 1MB .js in here!

Free. Almost

That’s the reason I didn’t want to use it because of! I thought it wasn’t free! The word unregistered version is what sent me packing. It’s not like I don’t want to pay. I can’t (my country doesn’t support Paypal! And get this: I don’t have a visa!!)

I sent them an e-mail and this is what they have sent me:


”Hi Muaad,

Thanks for your email.

The trial period is indefinite; you can use it for free for as long as you like. The reason we offer it as unlimited is primarily so students and users in developing countries can use Sublime without the burden of paying for it. If you like Sublime and can afford a license, we ask that you buy one to support us.


Sales Team

Sublime HQ PTY LTD


That is so awesome!!

I will pay for it as soon I get my e-commerce ready!

Nothing is perfect

My only con is that Sublime doesn’t support Arabic by default. So I had to install a third party plug in. Other than that. Truly the best text editor out there!

Give it a try and I urge you to buy it if you can!