CodeLobsterPHP Edition continues it’s active development cycle by launching version 5.8 which brings many improvements to the  IDE, most notably an improvement long anticipated by Arab developers, Arabic support.

In my review of CodeLobsterPHP IDE I listed not supporting Arabic as a con of this software, now I can proudly say that it supports Arabic, and I was asked by the company to test for Arabic support, here are the results:



Arabic language working on the code pane


Arabic language working on the preview pane


Arabic language working on the inspector pane

For a complete list of features and bug fixes on version 5.8 click here.

Many Arab developers like this IDE and they are interested in purchasing a license, the only thing stopping them is that CodeLobsterPHP Edition doesn’t support Arabic. Starting of version 5.8 that’s a thing of the past!

I listed in my review of CodeLobsterPHP Edition that it has a friendly and responsive community, check the request I posted asking for Arabic language support, they are as good as I said they were!

So here you have it!  It supports Arabic now!
As an Arab developer, is having Arabic support in the tools a problem? How do you feel when Arabic is supported on such an amazing IDE? Would you try it? It has a free version you know 😉
Let me here what you have to say, and expect an Arabic post about CodeLobsterPHP Edition soon!