I tend to follow the tech news, and lately laptop sales are dropping and companies are losing money, isn’t that something!

It struck me! Who uses a laptop anymore? When was the last time you used your laptop to do your daily tasks? I am writing this on my phone!

Dead laptop!


Many people find smartphones and tablets to be more comfortable to use. And the manufactures make devices bigger and better, better than some computers. Check the specs of the latest smartphones and compare it to your computer 😉

What’s wrong with laptops?

Laptops are heavy and consume much more power compared to smartphones. And can do most of the daily tasks laptops (and PCs before it) did like browsing the web and sending / receiving e-mails, even gaming is becoming very popular on smartphones. There are some sites that need a smartphone to register and participate, Instagram for one requires users to sign-up using an app, then use the same app to post and interact. Does that mean you should throw your laptop in the trash? Absolutely not!

When the “smart” ones fail!

Laptops are best suited for business purposes like word processing and web development. Tasks that would be difficult to perform on smartphone or a tablet. In my humble opinion smartphones are a great PC companion. And haven’t matured yet to fully replace it. But if your computer use is for social media and chat it’s best you pick a smartphone.

Do you use your laptop more often? Or are you a smartphone type of person, let me know what you think in the comments section below.