Having a plan is essential for daily success. Planning your day carefully can make you a lot more productive..

Make a to do list first thing you wake up in the morning, or better yet before you sleep! And make it happen!

Check the task list first thing in the morning rather than your timeline! I mean it!

 Here are some to-do list guide lines

  • The first two items have to be super easy, to build confidence and gain the sense of achievement.
  • Don’t plan too big, then it becomes hard to achieve the item, and you wouldn’t know to mark done or not.
  • Divide the big tasks into smaller tasks so its easier to mark done.
  • If it was achieved partly. Have an icon for that and migrate it to tomorrow.

Timing is everything, you can’t have one task taking up all of your day! Set a timer! I suggest Instant Boss for Windows users, and Pomodro for Linux users.

Using software and apps make it much easier,

I reviewed several ones and you can pick whatever you like! But I find writing it on paper much more satisfying! If I have to recommend one it would be Zim-Wiki.

What are your secret productivity tips? Share them here with us!
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