My brother uses an Android smartphone made by Archos, a French multinational electronics company that specializes in making smartphones, tablets and audio players since 1988, I like the company personally, yet I notice it’s barley known in the Libyan market. My

Lately my brother’s phone (Archos 45 Platinum) was acting up, it was restarting at random times, he also noticed a drop in battery performance, the phone became unusable and it needed to be repaired, so here is what we did.
The first step was to remove all the data from the phone, back it up and then preform a factory reset, I used MyPhone explorer, which I blogged about before here.

Archos 45 Platinum

Factory default didn’t work..
We went to the support page and decided to download the phone’s firmware to flash it new, but that didn’t work also, even when following the steps on this site.
My brother noticed something worth noting! That when the phone was plugged into power it didn’t reboot, so I concluded it was a battery problem (combined with the performance decline). Flashing it with firmware also didn’t work.  

The Fix

We went to the Archos dealership and spoke to them about the issue and they offered us a free battery as a part of the warranty, and the phone has been working great ever since!
So here you have it! The fix to the restart issue on Archos 45 is getting a new battery! This should fix the battery performance issues and the random hangup and reboot.
I highly advise you visit the place you bought the phone from with your warranty card to get service in all cases, but it was totally worth mentioning!

I wish you a problem free tech life 🙂
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