The year 2017 is coming to an end, here I have some updates to share, small changes in my productivity flow that might prove to be a game changer in the near future!

Bye bye Xmind!

I’ve been using Xmind as a mind map manager for over 4 years now, I’ve even blogged about it and boasted it’s features. Only to realize that it’s bloated! I don’t use half the features it has and most of the “good stuff” are locked away with a commercial license.

Most posts start out like that.

I’m back to using Freemind V 1.0.1 and I couldn’t be happier.
Just opening Xmind 3.5.2 sent my laptop fan on a frenzy, spinning like I’m rendering an HD video, as I’m writing this Freemind is sitting in the background like it doesn’t exist! Brilliant!

Even tho there is a way to make mind maps in Libreoffice, it’s can’t beat the quality of Freemind.

Why the change?

Freemind is smaller in size, consumes less resources, and while it may not look as pretty or well finished as Xmind it gets the job done completely free of charge.
It’s all about simplicity and achieving productivity.


Freemind 1.0.1 interface


Going back to Pomodro

Since moving to Kubuntu I haven’t had a decent timer for my system, I tried out several ones but none of them was as good as pomodro timer, I installed it and the Gnome app works perfectly on KDE, it’s one of my most viewed posts for a reason!

No more Zim?!

Yes Zim-Wiki is the best personal wiki I came across, and while it’s functional I find having to change from it and to LibreOffice quite irritating, so I had to clear out the clutter and stick to one productivity suit, LibreOffice is packed with features and so much I don’t feel like I miss anything.
I had to install tasque again, but I removed it because I like managing my tasks in a graphical way using a mind map.

Phone Tweaks

I’ve blogged about customizing and rooting my phone in Arabic (follow at your own risk), and I’ve rendered my phone useless before by removing an essential system app using root privilege, now after everything went back to normal I decided to remove some apps that I felt like I no longer need.

I installed ES file explorer, from back when it was ad free, and since it does so many functions I took the liberty to remove the file manager, the music player, video player, photo gallery. ES file explorer does all that and more!

 I’ve also removed all the moving backgrounds. I’ve also removed Apex and installed Nova launcher, which is working great!


Phone’s interface with Nova


The app drawer

I don’t use a note keeping app because I send the notes to myself via Telegram, and I removed maps because I never got anywhere using it!

Before I had the default android keyboard disabled, now I deleted it all together. I use Gboard as the default keyboard, and using ES file explorer and root privlages I tweaked the keyboard sounds (I need a life).

I’d remove Google play store if I could, but sadly it cannot be done, it doesn’t even work for me and it was the root cause of all my of issues, I use APK pure and I haven’t had an issue with it yet!

I’ve replaced the prayer time app with a lighter one and the feature packed Adobe with a simple PDF reader.

To save more battery power I changed the developer options to kill unused apps, there is some improvement, but again you’re advised to try any of these tricks at your own risk. Gotta keep it charged and happy because you never know..

Tweaking developer options
And since the system didn’t fall apart yet, I think it was a success, I do keep a stock ROM just in case the phone fails, and I advice you to do so too if your phone manufacturer
provides them.

Software for work

What I’m trying to do is creating a productive work flow, that’s minimal and efficient, while moving to Linux was a great first step, I feel more needs to be done, and since I downloaded several gigabytes worth of software for college work (all free and open source of course), I have to make budget cuts to keep the system going!

No more room for Sublime or Atom (god forbid), and since I downloaded Android studio and Netbeans, I decided that Kate (default text editor in Kubuntu) would suffice to write code, rather than the former two. All in favor of saving space and resources.

Kate can’t handle large text files, such as the blog backup for example.

Blogging ventures

I blogged on Itsfoss, one of the leading open source blogs to help draw attention to a Linux version of FDM, I blogged about it a while back but it wasn’t enough to tip the scale in favor of FDM Linux, after my post on itsfoss was published FDM Linux went from being 5th on the future feature vote with 840 votes to being the 1st post on the feature vote, with over 24% of the votes! Talk about domination!!

Now it’s the matter of getting the development team to start working on the long awaited Linux version, I’ve been waiting for over 4 years now!

SLB experience

I’ve blogged about the internship I had at Shlumberger a few years ago, and the support from the community was overwhelming, I should have written about it earlier. The post ranked in over 950 views in a week, I don’t get this kind of attention usually!


A blogging interview!

I was a guest on Ms. Malak Altaeb’s blog, she is doing a fantastic job and I suggest that you give her a follow.

LTT’s net

“Bykyfk” or pay as you go by LTT is cleaning my pockets dry, I have to charge in a new card daily, which is silly if you ask me considering that the internet is really slow, the only option at hand was to change the package from 2MB/s to 1MB/s. Reducing the line’s speed by half doesn’t mean it reduces the cost by half, but it’s a good start to save some money, since this stupid liquidity crisis isn’t going anywhere.

I’ve also made a net log to track when each card is recharged and how long did it last, I don’t have to keep cards till they finish!

I’ve blogged about Libyan internet back in 2015, little improvement (if any) happened since then.


Final words

This post is a break between the “job posts” I’m writing on my blog in Arabic, looking back; I’ve had some terrible jobs! Is my current job better? Slightly, but don’t tell my manager!!

I hope you enjoyed this technical update, have a lovely weekend and leave a comment below, it’s free!