Everyone who has been following me on social media knows that I’m not a huge fan of Wednesday, in fact I don’t like that day at all.
Hate is such a strong emotion, isn’t it?

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Applying logic to emotions?

Emotions are just that, you cannot analyze them or come up with a list of compelling reasons why you love one thing and hate the other.  Trying to analyze feelings is a bit futile and a bit nonsensical, but let’s try to dig deeper into my utter hatred of Wednesday.

Origins of hate

It goes back to my college days, when Wednesday had the most lectures, with the worst professors (and I use the term professor loosely), and most of the time it seemed like Wednesday was a meet-up for everyone I despised.

Remember her? That’s Wednesday from the Addams family, charming, isn’t she?

How does a Wednesday feel?

I’ll try to compare it to some common physical pains to get the point across: It’s similar to the chronic pains that kick in the most inappropriate of times, the grinding of knees from driving too much in rush hour, the acidic burns of the stomach ulcer, the awful feeling you get on the first day of getting a flu, and that loud painful alarm and vibration headache generated by your phone that never really gets out of your head even if you drink a jug of coffee. That pressing feeling caused by a combination of stress and anxiety that something bad is going to happen, to me that’s what a Wednesday feels like.

And the bad lunch is always a Wednesday, Always.. 

Other reasons aren’t as clear

Tragic events on a personal level happened on a Wednesday,  two that I could recall clearly that had catastrophic events on me were both Wednesdays (that I’m really not ready to talk about publicly), and the day that I’ve quit my job in Schlumberger was a Wednesday too – a tough day to say the least – the nasty flu symptoms I described above also started on a Wednesday.

It could be a case of bias thinking or a pattern that I only see that doesn’t exist. Connecting the invisible dots lead to only one conclusion that I despise Wednesdays.

The term “Hump day” didn’t create itself, you know. 

Showing some love

If Wednesday was a person, I’d hug him tightly, around the neck mostly; and choke until the poor bastard’s eyes pop out. Then I’d set the whole week on fire just for the hell of it.
That’s how much I like Wednesday.

Garfield hates his Mondays and I hate my Wednesdays, and for now it seems like things are going to stay the same.

Hating 1/7 of my life isn’t exactly a smart idea, and I’d like to program myself to like – or at least – tolerate Wednesdays. But I don’t think it’s happening any time soon.

What about you? Do you have a day that you don’t like so much? How about sharing your hate in the comment section below?
And if it’s Wednesday, well join the club!