It’s been a while since I last blogged, I’ve been busy lately and sitting down to blog wasn’t exactly the natural thing to do.

Words to live by

I keep blogging about productivity and ways to make blogging consistent, well it’s not always the case, my laptop is having issues (which I will be blogging about in detail in the coming days), with it being my main blog machine, I’ve earned myself a holiday!

No of-fence, get it?

Current situation in here?

You know what? I’ve given up on this country and it’s people!
Have you looked at them dancing like idiots in the square while everything is falling apart? Try rallying up the same people for a protest about deteriorating living conditions, what a joke..

Slight blog changes

I’ve set up my adsense about a year ago and I’ve noticed that it’s not increasing at all, turns out many readers have the adblock addon in browsers, well from now on this blog has the anti- adblock, you get the picture.
And I’ve changed the fonts a little bit, I hope you like it (or not, I don’t really care).

A new job

Yes I am working on something new, it’s not guaranteed to achieve anything but again what is? At least it’s better than dealing with half-wit teenagers having identity crisis, the politically correct term for that phase is “college”, but who am I to joke about that?
I didn’t quit, and I don’t intend to, think of it as a sabbatical leave, let’s hope that doesn’t suck as well!

I’m supposed to be on a vacation!

Yea, with a passport that doesn’t go anywhere and no money in a militia controlled state, might as well just binge watch shows while passing out on the couch, what a way to spend youth, really..
Because standing in long queues for hours on end to gain access to basic needs isn’t an Olympic sport.

Final words

If you couldn’t tell already by the apparent tune of frustration in my writing, I’m fed up of this situation, and I must do something to get myself out of this rut.

 Hopefully you are having a better day dear reader.