I thought I had everything figured out! Drew out a master plan that was fail proof and went on with the plan, little did I know that things can go wrong in a multitude of ways!

Original plans

I don’t want to share my exact plans on the blog, but I can say that I took a great deal of effort to see my plans through, worked hard and spent countless sleepless nights achieving vital steps to the plan, however things didn’t go the way I wanted them to go, and that’s fine!

A plan for each letter of the alphabet 

I was determined that I am going to change my current situation, rather than ranting about it and not doing anything; gladly I managed to make some changes to my life, and trying to implement others as the days go by.
I realized that plans often need changing to adapt to real life situations, rather than expecting life to adapt to our plans. 

Life is a box of chocolates

A quote from the movie Forrest Gump goes like this: “Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get.“, I guess it relates to the way things are where I was hoping to get something but winded up with something else different, I’ll try to make the best of my situation and turn things to my favor.

At least I don’t have to deal with issues at my old job anymore, that is a relief! 

Adsense failure!

I’ve been trying to make a revenue out of the blog for a while now, I enjoyed the idea of a passive source of income, sadly Google mistook someone genuinely trying to help me gain money with fake clicks, and my account is banned! So for now, you get an ad-free experience on my blog!
So sad, right after I was asked to setup an address to receive a pin number; We’ll it’s never bad to have a P.O Box, who wants to be my pen pal?
But they couldn’t block the spammers who leave dozens of fake comments on my blog every week?

Blogging wise, this month wasn’t so good

I have a lot of drafts that I’ve put a lot of effort in just laying around waiting to be published, I guess there is something wrong with the way I publish them? It feels like a chore lately, and I hate that! I will try to set the up for October instead.

A desperate attempt to salvage the rest of 2018

I would like to do something that changes how I look at this year, because so far it’s rather bleak and negative. I’ve set a number of realistic goals to achieve over the course of the next three months, with a little help of my old friend “Don’t break the chain“. 

Final words

I firmly believe in fate and destiny, and that God’s will shall prevail over my will; I ask Allah to help me and aid me on this path.

Thank you for reading.