Reading is an excellent hobby. What better way to learn and have fun than to lose yourself in the midst of a good book? However a lot of people – myself included – struggle to read more often due to the complexity of modern life and the pressure of a full time job.  
These tips aim to help you read more without compromising any of your responsibilities..


 1. Read when you are waiting

There are times in life where you aren’t doing anything, either commuting from work to home (assuming that you aren’t driving), or waiting for service in a bank or a public office. It would be a great chance to catch up on some reading.

    2. Always keep a book nearby

Whether it was a physical book that you keep in your bag or an e-book on your smartphone or tablet, always have some reading material nearby. You never know when is the next chance to finish a chapter or a few pages.

    3. Read 10 pages each day

When you read 10 pages each day, that totals up to 300 pages per month (on average), and 10 – 12 complete books per year at bite sized chunks!

    4. Make reading a habit

If you read daily for a few weeks, reading will become a habit for you. However if you struggle with consistency there are some tried tricks that you can try:
        1. Link it to an existing habit like your morning cup of coffee.
        2. Use a habit building method such as “Don’t break the chain”.
        3. Set a daily reminder to read.
       No matter what is the method that you find more natural, you can make reading a daily habit of yours.

    5. Audio books for the busy hands

If you drive, listen to books. There are many services online that provide audio books, and some are even read by volunteers and posted on Youtube for free (quality may vary), your daily commute will give you something new each day.

    6. Savor the weekend

The weekend is a great opportunity to catch up on reading. Eliminate all distractions and sit down with a good book!

    7. Don’t read alone, join a community like Goodreads

There are millions of readers sharing their updates and challenging themselves to read more each year. If you aren’t a member already, join now and get inspired!

    8. Many birds with one stone!

Read a book before bed. There are scientific studies that prove this habit helps you fall asleep better and reduces your stress levels by 39%, increases your creativity and helps prevent Alzheimer disease, (source).

These are my tips for you to read more. Do you have other ways you can add? Which one caught your attention? Please share them with me in the comments section below.
And until then, read more.