I ran into this issue on Ubuntu 16.04 and Gimp version 2.8.22, while trying to load the templates I couldn’t do that. They were grayed out and nothing I tried worked. In this post I’ll show you how to fix templates and get Gimp templates back running!

Nothing else worked

Needless to say that nothing I found online worked, hence me blogging about this issue, and while it’s a simple issue that doesn’t affect the program usability, it is indeed an annoying one!

Gimp templates not running
Gimp templates not running

Fixes that include reinstalling Gimp and updating it or rolling it back were useless. 
Some suggested copying a file named “templaterc” from another computer, and it also didn’t work for me.

The fix

  • Navigate to home folder in Ubuntu and show hidden folders (click Ctrl + H if you are using Nautilus).

  • Look for a folder called .gimp-2.8.

  • Once inside the folder, delete the contents of the folder and restart Gimp if open. Please note that if you have any brushes or scripts added that you will lose them all, and I advise taking a backup copy of that folder if that’s the case.

  • Run Gimp, you will have your templates like usual!


Gimp templates back running
Gimp templates back running

Note: If you use Windows, go to the user folder to find these settings, not the program files installation folder. 

I hope you find this trick useful. Let me know what you think in the comments section below, and don’t forget to share this on social media.