What’s home? Seems almost like a no brainer question, isn’t it not?
Over the last year or so I turned into somewhat of a nomad. I called several places home. and when you are on the move, whether you actually chose it or it was forced upon you, you really start to mull over the meaning of things you took for granted befoe.
What’s a home? What’s a house? what makes a house home but not the other way around?

An epiphany

It hit me in the hardest of ways that having the family around does make the house a home no matter how loose the term of a house is. It could be a Crap shack for all I care for, but having your family around makes it a home. Family makes a house a home but not the other way around and it will never be.

Home makers

It surprises me how can some people turn a tent into a home! You wouldn’t get this until you see it with your own eyes. The little things that make a home are quintessential and absolutely taken for granted ..You wouldn’t know it until you are stranded out on your own with no roof over your head.
Perhaps these perspectives are brought into my focus because of my own personal ordeal of being a former displaced person.

Count your blessings

Yes! Some blessings aren’t appreciated until you lose them and when you lose you’ll have all the time in the world to think about those blessings and what you had in your hand but took for granted.
It’s always good to appreciate what you have.

Carry your home around?

Can you carry your home with you? I’m not talking about the mobile homes or trailers, going all redneck at once.
It’s about the values that make a house a home. Keeping the connections no matter how far the distance go.
If you’re home is something embedded in your heart then you will carry it with you no matter where you go, whether is it next door or across the planet; You can make a house into a home.
It’s about those core values that you carry within that make you you and make home a home..

To Digress

I’ve shifted away from blogging in English after moving to this new / old domain. That’s not the case. I do feel that some topics are better suited for Arabic and others are not .
What do you think? Can any house be a home? What makes a home, a home? Comment below and see you in a next post.