Hey hey guys

Today I will be reviewing a really good software to keep your journal ordered and organized, it’s also a good way to practice writing and keep it consistent!!

It’s Called RedNotebook, it helps you keep a daily journal but it can do much much more, make to do lists, use tags for frequent entries, and other features!

The software is open source and free of charge, you can download from their site on source forge size around 20 MB

for Linux and Windows!

And I have written a post on how to backup the journal entries and transfer them. It’s a must have if you install it and use it on daily basis!!

My verdict: It’s a good solid software that anyone would need!
Cons: I wish it was more of a native style in writing, for example to end sentences you need to use “//”, why can’t it be a simple “.”?

Thank you for reading, please comment on my post for any questions and I would love for you to join my blog.