Hey you guys 🙂

If you are using Windows 8 / 8.1 You would notice an awful lot blue screen of death screens BSOD. Now windows advices you to search online for the error .. (Da! Thanks for the tip captain obvious!)

What’s the cause of these errors?

Some of them are driver related. Others occur when you standby or lock the screen. Some after you install certain software..
The fix to all these causes and more is a simple command!
1. Go to the start menu and type CMD

2. When you see command prompt. Right click on it and choose: Run as administrator (Very important!)

3. The command prompt windows will show up. There right this command: “sfc /scannow”

This command checks the system files and attempts to fix the errors.
The process will take some time ( in my case it took an hour to complete)
After it’s done you will be prompted to restart once or twice. After that you are all good!

How easy was that? 🙂

Try it and let me know what you think. Did it fix your problem?
I hope I managed to turn the “frown” upside down 😀
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