Today. After reading the Windows 10 update plans. I tried to put everything in perspective. And I realized something! I was blessed that I got to use and enjoy Linux! Linux is the true definition of freedom. It’s not owned by some company that controls it. It’s a community of people. You and I included!

Before I go any further on why I like Linux better. Let’s take a look at the competition. Shall we?

I’m a simple guy who wanted genuine software. So I bought Windows 8 (yay). And when the Upgrade to 8.1 was out. I updated to it.

It was awful. It’s filled with problems. But what can I do? It’s the latest craze! Even if I wanted Windows 7, I couldn’t get it. I won’t buy an OEM laptop with 7 installed just to relive the past!!

I couldn’t downgrade to Windows 7. Or use Windows XP after they ended the support. And no one would use Vista (at least when they are sober!)

I’m using Windows 8.1 because I had no choice. My back is against the wall.

Everyday I got a blue screen of death telling me to search the internet for one thing or the other! And some of it didn’t make any sense!! (An iPod related error and I don’t even own an iPod)!!!

I was so upset!! The system is Flawed and there is nothing I could do but to wait for the next update. We were told at the time it would be Windows 9.

Which means paying for Microsoft to fix a mistake they made!! Seriously?

Then came the savior, or so we were told. Windows 10. Which is supposed to carry us into the future. Sounds too much like Windows XP to me!

And if you see my last post about how original is Windows 10. You will see what I’m talking about!

Not a single word about Linux yet huh?

When I say that Linux is free. I don’t mean that it doesn’t cost money. I mean it’s absolutely free by all the meaning.

You are free to use, share, edit, sell. Try doing that with a Windows product!!

Use whatever Distro you like. Customize it the way you like. And use it for whatever you like. If you want you can donate. If you don’t want or can’t. Then it’s OK.

You’ve got many interfaces to choose from and hundreds of Distros to choose from. That’s free!!

You can use it in your home. In your school, for your business. Without restrictions. You can even make copies of it and sell it and no one would stop you.

While Microsoft attacked and condemned Linux with childish name calling, referring to it as a cancer. And who can forget the vigorous campaigns that Microsoft lead to destroy OpenOffice’s reputation as an alternativeto Microsoft Office?

Linux is more open minded and excepting. Notice that most users (if not all are Windows / Mac converts). And they are

I’m not going to talk about Mac at all. If you have one. May God help you!
My advice: Take this opportunity and think before Microsoft starts the exodus towards Windows 10. I’m I really free?

Do I have a choice? Can I simply refuse being controlled by Microsoft or Apple?

I hope this article gives you that perspective. Life is too short to spend on one OS or dealing with one company. Explore the world ofopen source. What’s there to lose?

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day 🙂

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