Hey there you guys. I hope you are having a good day
As I try to pace myself and post only once a day. But news like this make me break my rules. As I continue to bring the latest update about Windows 10

“Windows to stop producing Windows versions”!! Source
After we confirmed the bold statement. Let’s take a look at what it means?

If you thought that Windows XP overstayed it’s welcome.Think again!! after XP there was Vista, 7 and of course Windows 8. And it’s support finally ended in April of 2014. Windows 10 is here to stay apparently. With the company stating that There won’t be a Windows 11. According to the statement. Windows is pushing a new business model that has me feeling my pocket already! What do we know so far is that Windows 10 will be free for all as an update for one year. And that your license has to be genuine. And how the updates will be delivered. It’s supposed to come sometime this year.
Question is:  

How will Microsoft make it’s money if it doesn’t force us to upgrade every three years? (Opinion piece)

I have some speculations based on what Microsoft has released so far.

    1. Users who will install Windows 10 fresh will have to pay a full license fee.
    2. Users who have pirated versions of Windows will have to pay a full license fee to remove version restrictions.
    3. Users who want to have the free upgrade will have to buy a license (if not already genuine) of an older version: 7, 8 etc ..
    4. Upgrades will not be free (You will pay for updates and upgrades).
    5. I am sensing a none Microsoft block (As in Surface tablets) You have to run genuine Microsoft software, or you are stuck with an over priced child-pad!! (Confirmation needed on the Surface tablet bit).
    6. Perhaps do what Adobe does with the creative cloud and what Microsoft is already doing with Office356.
    7. I think Windows will be more Xbox Live! (Pay wise of course)!!

      I believe that Microsoft will gain a lot more than selling standalone versions of it’s software, things like:

        1. Limits Piracy.The new licensing system makes it more difficult for pirates to “crack” versions as it’s upgraded regularly.
        2. More money
          Some people like to pay 20$ a month rather than 300$ at once.
        3. More focused development.
          Instead of coming up with a marketing scheme every 2-3 years. They get to focus on one system. While still making money out of it.
        4. Easier support.
          When enough people migrate to Windows10. Support will be so much easier.
          As I said. These points are of my current perspective based on the information I have now! And my final verdict is to wait until Microsoft unveils it’s plans!
          Have a lovely day dear fans. Let me know what you have to say in the comments section below!