This is the third episode of the Dual Boot Saga. In the last two episodes we talked about installing Windows 8 and restoring the Grub menu so we can actually dual boot.
In this episode we will be covering the most important aspect of the whole saga, Transferring Windows license. 

What was the situation at the time?

I was informed that the key was installed on an another computer (Which is something I already know!) but the old HDD was “fried” and the laptop is thrown on some dusty shelve somewhere! How to let Microsoft know that? I was given an activation ID and was instructed to call my local Microsoft support number. No response.
I Googled half a dozen of local support numbers (Libyan) and none of them even replied. The last one said that the license cannot be transferred. And started giving me pricing and offers. I wasn’t going to give up just yet (Which is true if the license was OEM, mine was PRO which I got separately).


I wasn’t about to give up just yet!

I read on the Microsoft answers site that if you call the support center and provide the installation ID. (You will see it in the Activation settings when your Windows is not activated) They will give you an activation code you use to activate your Windows. I looked up the nearest support number and it was in Kuwait! And the minute prices were high! I couldn’t call them via any VoIP service  like Viber or Skype. And Windows was still not activated!

This is how the actual call went

I called a good friend of mine who worked in a call shop who said he can help me. I went to him and I was surprised he moved business. And took me to a shop across the street to a friend of his! The guy was so nice. He took the number and gave me a decent working phone (most of the phones were dirty and smashed) I called the number and it was an automated response. I navigated through the options until I reached the most important part. I entered the ID with shaking fingers on the phone. Then the machine dictated a number sequences. I entered that to the computer. And Windows was activated!! The guy won’t take a penny for a 10 minute call to Kuwait! God bless him!


This is what a callshop looks like



I drove home so happy! I had activated Windows and proven the local salesmen wrong (the customer is always right? Not in Libya that is!!)
I had a good idea about the call process because I read this tutorial before going there, it would save you some time and money to do so!

Now that I had my Windows running side by side with Linux. I had one more thing to do before ending this saga, and that is to update Windows 8.1
But this will have to wait for the next episode of our Dual Boot Saga!!
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