I’ve taken some choices in life that seemed at the time to be casted in stone, little did I know that life has its lessons to teach me and to show me the error of my ways, and today I decided to share these revelations with you!

Coffee anyone?

For a while I quit drinking coffee because I thought it contributed to my anxiety attacks. I didn’t take the fact that I put too much coffee and sugar into my mug into consideration,  that probably triggered the anxiety attacks.


Coffee anyone?
Coffee anyone?

Later I found myself forced to drink coffee just to sober up in the morning.

My everlasting love and hate relationship with Facebook

If anyone blogged more about the dangers of Facebook then we need to start a fan club! In many posts (in Arabic and English) I deemed Facebook as the devil and urged everyone to delete their profiles.

Facebook logo
Facebook logo

I kept saying that it took my life away and rendered me sleepless and distracted.
Strange enough when I logged to delete my account I felt guilty for doing so and that my eyes burned me as if I saw something I wasn’t supposed to see! The power of thought never seizes to amaze me!
I was back on the site a year later to create a page for my blog, I admitted that in a previous post. 

This means one way or another that I have a profile on the site and that I use it from time to time to post to my page, I’m not active on the it and still think it’s bad for productivity tho.

Whats the lesson from these stories?

The lesson learn from my coffee and Facebook abstinence that moderation is the key


Moderation is the key!
Moderation is the key!

Facebook didn’t take my life away, I let it do so by logging in too often! And I put too much coffee in my mug which made me jumpy and more anxious.
Coffee in small amounts is a great beverage and Facebook has benefits despite all the bad things I said about it (and stand by to a certain degree).

One more lesson to add

Later in life I had bad experiences with a couple of less than perfect android phones, which lead me to the conclusion that ALL android phones are bad and that I should preach that to everyone that hears me.

Before that I resisted getting a smartphone and I was willing to pick a fight over the idea, I was into QWERTY phones which are great for writing fast, but not much more than that sadly.

I saw smartphones with touch screens as unusable overly priced under powered PC attachments and that PCs were the real deal, and Samsung’s touchwiz made things worse for me!

I took my laptop to school in public transportation and even when traveling abroad, let me tell you it is very stressful going around with a laptop fearing that it would be stolen at any minute, let alone the fact that the laptop is a heavy piece of equipment (5.2 pounds to be exact, charger and other things I carry around not included!), and to make things worse I didn’t have a backup of my important files!! I set a password over the HDD to prevent data tempering in case the laptop was stolen tho.

Not using a smartphone while travelling meant I wasn’t benefiting from the VOIP services smart phones support like Whatsapp and Viber, more cost to be added to the travel expenses because I won’t get a smartphone!
 Looking back I must of looked very stupid using my laptop in public to write notes or to watch something, while the people I looked down on had much lighter and efficient devices that served many purposes.   

Later on as my laptop got older and started to show it’s age, a smartphone became my companion on the road and my laptop turned into a PC! 
Lesson learn here is that generalization is always bad and a sign of an immature mind, passing judgment and being stubborn is also very bad and limits one’s personal growth.

In the end I think it’s important to look back and evaluate the choices and decisions made and see if they were the right call or not, everyday is a new day and we shouldn’t take our old mistakes with us forward.

Site updates

  • On a lighter note I reached 175,000 views on my blog. Not half bad huh? 
  • I also added a Disqus widget so placing comments would be easier!
  • I set up a poll to see if it’s easier to use for you guys as some readers reported the comments section isn’t visible on the mobile version of the site.
  • The poll results were 100% yes! (two inputs only to be honest).

What do you think of this post? Did you have a recent change of heart you would like to share with me? Leave it in the comments below.