I have realized that I haven’t posted a single post in August! That’s a lot, I mean the month is half way done, what gives?
It’s a bit of a reoccurring cycle on my end, I sometimes forget to blog or simply don’t have the will to write a new update, despite having a ton of drafts just begging to be published, this time tho, I have a good excuse.

What’s happening?

I’ve been having troubles with my laptop over the past few days, I replaced some things and toyed with others, and needless to say that the result is down right great! The poor thing is showing it’s age, and I can’t blame it at all, and no! I don’t blog from the phone, not anymore.

A little bit of the same old, the power and Internet are playing tag, one goes and the other comes, it’s rare to find them together at the same time, and ever more rare for me to feel like doing anything! And yes, the electrical situation is ruining my laptop.

I will be posting in detail about what’s going on, what have I done and where is it taking me, so stick around.

How are you doing? How is this situation treating you (assuming you are Libyan like myself).

Please leave your comments in the section below, and have a nice day.